Monday, July 19, 2010

Game Review: Enchanted by GodFinger

Game developers for iPhone have been working hard around the clock. They keep on inventing new games almost on daily basis.

At one point, I was so hooked to Zombie Farm and now I never touch it at all. My full attention now has been dedicated to GodFinger - a new iPhone game introduced by my new colleague few weeks ago during our Monday meeting.

I downloaded this game first. Then, I made my fiance downloaded this too. Then, I also forced my other colleague, Iris Tan, to download this game as well. The more the merrier, so they say.

GodFinger's Opening Page.

So, the task of this game is to run your own planet. You become the God. You are given a planet. You are given people and plants. You will be given a sun, two clouds and one dark cloud to run the whole planet into a civilization. You ask your people to pray hard for the 'mana' to do all the magical stuff like creating rain, thunder, solar power or fire and get your people to work hard to earn money through farming. Your people need rest too though, so you need to buy and build tents for them to restore their energy. Plus, you need to be careful in controlling your finger or else you'd create flood or fire and might kill your own people!

My kur2kee planet.

See my planet! See the lake for fishing?

You can add friends who have other planets and enchant their people to earn more money. My first and dearest friend in the galaxy was my fiance, then followed by Iris Tan. When my fiance decided to delete this game from his iPhone because he was quite bored with it already, I stopped playing this game for few days as there was no counterpart. Luckily, when he decided to re-download the game again, his account was saved in the server so he did not have to start the game from zero. Until now, both of us are still playing. Sometimes we secretly play one round during working hours too to reduce some stress at work.

My planet and my friends' planets in the galaxy. 
You can periodically earn extra mana and gold too from the asteroids in the galaxy.

It's a fun game as of now but it maybe boring too to some extent as it's quite monotonous. Also, this game hangs when we encounter internet connection problem.

See how long we'd last with this one.

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