Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cherries Galore

I walked past this cherry sale at nearby Shop 'N Save this morning on my way to work and was sort of compelled to get some. As this cherry sale seldom happens in supermarkets here in Singapore, I planned to grab some after work.

The cherry sale at Shop 'N Save

However, I completely forgot about this cherry-cherry thing the whole day until I saw so many aunties next to me fighting for the good ones when I was hunting for some oranges after work.

These women can be fierce and aggressive human beings in a sale like this. 
Be strong.

In the end, I joined the force.

I thought they were quite cheap but turned out I had to fork more than $5 out of my pocket for only about 370 grams of them.

The cleaned red cherries ready to be attacked.

But anyway, they taste good. Such a worthy 5 bucks investment. Also, to console myself over buying such expensive fruit treats (especially after the $5 goma wakame trauma last night), I googled cherry health benefits (well, it is actually good to know for my own knowledge too).

Apparently cherries:
  • Contains many vitamins such as vitamin A and C
  • Are free radicals thus helps slowing the aging process down
  • Help fight cancer
  • Aid in prevention of heart disease
  • Relieve pain in Arthritis, Gout and headaches
  • Improve psychological and mental functions
  • Help losing weight
  • Are high in potassium and low in sodium
  • Help control water retention
  • Help increase metabolism

In summary, whenever you spot any imported cherry on sale in supermarkets, please help yourself to get some as they usually cost rather expensive compared to other tropical fruits. They taste good and seem to have quite a number of nutritious benefits too.

I'll share them with someone special tomorrow. Yay!

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