Sunday, June 6, 2010

Midnight Baking: Banana Cake

I had been searching for banana cake recipe for almost one week in the internet but I flagged none. Last Friday when I was accompanying my fiance working in his office, I had nothing much to do but playing with his iPhone. I casually typed banana cake + resep on his Safari. First thing that came out from Google's search engine was this culinary blog in Bahasa Indonesia. Looking at the simplicity on both ingredients and baking techniques required that this recipe provides, I decided to give this conventional banana cake recipe a try.

After my fiance had finished his paperwork in his office, he took me to a nearby supermarket to buy some baking ingredients which I didn't have and he bought me bananas too when we were running some office errands around the town that late afternoon. On Saturday night, as usual, my fiance went for yamcha and I finally started my baking adventure again.

Again, this time around I slightly modified some of the banana cake ingredients from the original recipe. I found that the technique used in the banana cake baking with this recipe was very similar of the one for chiffon cake. Separating the yolks and whites and whisking them separately as well. I also added some shredded Lindt's dark chocolate bar that my fiance didn't want to eat.

Banana Cake


  • 150 gr margarine
  • 175 gr white sugar
  • 4 yolks
  • 4 egg whites
  • 3 mashed bananas
  • 225 gr self-raising cake flour
  • 2 table spoons of milk powder
  • 2 tea spoons of vanilla essence
  • Shredded chocolates (optional)
  • Big pots of good luck (compulsory)

First look: Fresh out of the oven.

Nice golden look from this angle.

A slice of soft banana cake.

It was my first time ever baking with a teflon baking tin. It was such a great joy baking with my fiancé's sister-in-law's teflon cake tin. Yes! I am so 10 years behind of everyone for this matter as I have always been using my Mom's old conventional sticky silver-colored cake molds and could not find a good reason to stop using or throw them away since they are still quite useful in many ways.

I love this kind of cake tin and think it is a good investment to all baking manias. Definitely no hassle required in covering the tin with margarine or cooking paper before putting the dough onto it. Plus no difficulties in removing the cake off the tin too - just loose the strap on the tin when you want to remove the cake and voila, it's completely out in a blink! My only minor heart attack episode I had with this tin was when I saw some dripping dough liquid for the first few minutes of baking. Lucky it was only a bit and didn't happen for so long.

Overall, the result of this banana cake was quite OK. Soft like chiffon cake's texture but I feel that I need to drink a lot of water after eating a slice of it. I don't know why there was this wet part on the lower part of the cake. I thought it's quite done already since the cake looked already gold and the bottom part is already dark brown. Maybe next time I would need to leave it inside the hot oven a little bit longer and mash the banana real soft like a baby food.

And oh, I forgot to mention earlier that I had quite a bit dramatic experience in preparing the cake ingredients yesterday night - I had to sacrifice few eggs from my fiancĂ©'s kitchen as I failed to separate the yolk from its white. Wonder why it happened to me.

The conclusion is that baking indeed needs good ingredients, good years of practice, good techniques and good luck. Don't quit.

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