Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Never Wasted

I purposely try to bake cakes for my fiance on Sunday so I can pack some fresh cake for him to eat at his Mersing site when he is hungry on Monday onwards. With this, at least I'd have the peace of mind that he has something ready to munch for the next two or three days when he is so far away from me.

Tonight, he showed me how he appreciates my efforts. He updated me via WhatsApp that he was already so hungry but still stuck at his site office. He sent me some photos to show that he really ate what I've prepared for him on last Sunday.

Lucky I packed extra slices for him last weekend.

 Night snack: 7.55pm.

One Down: 7.57pm.

Enough for tonight: 7.59pm.

So sweet of him. I'm happy to see this.

Plus, he keeps on telling me that for own consumption, an ugly presentation of the cake is not a big deal. Taste counts!


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