Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Proposal

15 May 2010 marks another historical moment in my life. Both of my and my new fiance's lives.

Apparently, my then boyfriend planned something big for me for so long. He thought about everything for quiet some time to perfect his dazzling plan. He made all the efforts in making all this happen. He spent a fortune to make me a one very happy woman on earth.

A nice restaurant.

A delicious cake.

A sweet drink.

A bouquet of nine white roses in pretty purple wrap.

A diamond ring.

A bunch of beloved close friends.

Then, he proposed to me.

 The Proposal: 15 May 2010, The Royale Bintang Resort and Spa, Seremban.

After I said "Yes!"

All my senses collapsed when he knelt down and popped the magic question.

I was elated. I was over the moon. I was so speechless. My jaws were frozen. I opened my mouth and tried to move my tongue but not a single word came out from my mouth. So, I just nodded many times to say yes.

After that, I just could not stop smiling. The world stopped moving for few minutes. I was shivering. I forgot about everything for some moments, including my own bag under the table.

In short, the effect of it was just supernatural.

And of course, I would absolutely say YES!

After the proposal, I witnessed a very genuine happiness in his face that I have never seen before. That night his smile was just so divine. Angelic.

He told me that his one and only goal that night was just to make and see me happy. I, indeed, was and am beyond happy.

Now we both are in the cloud nine. Up, up there. And we don't feel like coming down to earth. For as long as possible.

Congratulations to him, for making it this far.

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