Sunday, May 30, 2010

Midnight Baking: Vanilla Milk Chiffon Cake

This weekend I had the mood to pursue my second attempt in baking a better looking chiffon cake. When my fiance was out for his yamcha invitation on 11pm last night, he suggested me to bake the cake whilst waiting for him to come home. I agreed. I started baking at about 11pm and finished everything by 1.30am.

My aim this time around was clear: To make a chiffon cake with no messy outlook like what happened to my Pandan chiffon cake last week. Another condition that I had to put into my consideration from my fiance was that the cake had better use less, if not, no coloring or other artificial ingredients. I obeyed my master's order.

I replaced the coconut milk with full cream vanilla milk. Instead of using Pandan essence, I just used a vanilla essence. On top of that, I also added two spoons of milk powder to give more milky taste.

The aroma of the cake inside the hot oven was so strong. The house smelled like vanilla cake for few hours even after I opened the kitchen windows.

Cooling down: After 1 hr and 40 mins of keeping the cake in the oven, I finally had a golden cake.

Wrong technique in taking the cake off the tin. 
I had even uglier outlook on the cake top this time!

Inside still tasted pretty good and soft but I can't stand looking at the shape.
It's just to0 messy.

He still likes it though...

This time around, I felt like I had better grip in baking the chiffon cake except the part when I had to remove the cake from the cake tin. I think I really had to listen to all the baking tips: Use a very sharp thin blade to take the cake off the tin with one round slash.

Overall, we both feel that pandan cake tastes better and smells stronger. This vanilla milk chiffon cake taste more like a normal butter-and-egg cake but a slice of it goes very well with a cup of hot coffee.


  1. I like how much the Chiffon Cake grew! It looks so soft and yummy :)

  2. The top part was horrible tho, unfortunately..


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