Thursday, May 6, 2010

Love Cloud above Our Heads

Last Saturday afternoon during our casual chat at home, suddenly my boyfriend's eyes were teary.

I wiped the tears from his cheeks with my fingers three times.

From the moment I noticed the tears on his face, I kept on asking him, "What happened?". I just had the hunch that the tears were not caused by his sleepiness or anything like that.

He just kept quiet. Never explained to me. Proceeded with silence.

Still, I found it hard to contain my curiosity. I bugged him with the same question again and again. He still did not want to explain. He said, "I will let you know in writing later. Not comfortable talking about it now."

In the end, as the night fell darker and darker, I got a little bit offended, irritated and angry at him, partly because of his refusal to explain to me what made him cry.

As usual, in return, I refused to acknowledge his existence for quite some time. I set my typical unnecessary cold war at him.

Not long after my silent attack towards him, he sent me few texts on WhatsApp. He said: Please check my FB. My answer has been posted.

I checked my Facebook account from my iPhone and found this love cloud picture and short writings accompanying it on his wall.

I asked a silly question: can we go for a medical check-out before we make a life time commitment? I don't want anyone to feel regret if something is wrong. 
She replied: can we do it after our ROM cause I will still take care of you if you need me.

He left me speechless.

I didn't know I was actually the one who made this man's eyes teary.


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