Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Cozy Saturday Evening at Home

I think today I just experienced a very tranquilizing Saturday evening in the best place you could ever be. Home. This kind of experience is indeed something that I would definitely crave again and again. It was just a wonderful chance to clear my head on a relaxing weekend - by doing nothing but enjoying the time passing by with loving people surround me.

Here are the chronicles:

Today, I finally had a real good two-hour long afternoon nap when my fiance was having his Saturday badminton practice, after so many weeks of absence. When I woke up and was pretty much awake again, I searched for the kids. I wanted to see Baby Jia Thong. Both my fiance and I had not seen her for about two weeks and we sort of missed her company and babbles.

After playing around with Jia Thong and her elder sister, Xin Thong for a while, suddenly their Mom called them to go outside and play with their bikes in the porch since all the cars were being used. The kids seldom have the chance to play with their bikes outside the house as usually the porch is used as the family cars' parking area. Kids are somehow forced to ride with their mini bikes inside the house.

Baby Jia Thong with her favorite yellow baby bike

Very cute sisters: Jia Thong and Xin Thong

Whilst the kids were playing around with their bikes in the porch, my fiance and I thought of joining them as well. He dragged a wooden bench to the middle of the porch and took his guitar. He just sat there and started playing his guitar, his favorite platform to chill out.

My happy musician

The musician apparently could not remember the song and had to refer to You Tube to refresh his memory

I saw a happy man at his home enjoying his lazy Saturday afternoon, surrounded by his family.

A real borne thinker

Fierce/cute looking baby and I finally reunited

Our Kodak moments have begun! Anywhere, anytime!

Before we ended our impromptu date, my fiancé's auntie happened to pass us by when we both were sitting in the bench outside. She was about to go out and attend a wedding dinner. Before she left the house, she shouted, "How romantic you two are!"

"Ha-ha... You bet, Auntie! I am so going to miss this again.", I murmured to myself.

Then, I walked inside.

Staying at home on weekends is not a vain. It's so enjoyable and not wasted at all, I tell you. All we have to do is just embrace every bit of moments that pass by.

Simple things are just beautiful, if we know how to appreciate them.

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