Thursday, May 6, 2010

Beaches at Day and Night

Normally, I do not have particular interest in hanging out at beaches. I mean, I don't despise beaches because they are hot, too sunny and wet but usually if I could opt, I'd rather hang out in somewhere else drier.

Not sure why, these two consecutive weekends, I was rather fated to enjoy the serenity and beauty of two beaches of two different characters. One was pretty much yet undiscovered and one was quite commercialized already. Yet, both were still fascinating to me.

Beach no. 1: Tanjung Leman Beach, Johor

Two weekends ago, my boyfriend introduced me to Tanjung Leman Beach just right behind his current ongoing construction site in Mersing. It was indeed one very hot and sunny Saturday. The beach was unusually quiet and to some point, I just felt that the beach has become our private property for a moment.

Hot day.

First time witnessing so many living sea creatures living under the rocks at the seashore.

Beach no. 2: Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan

Last Saturday night my boyfriend proposed to me a chilling out time for two at a beach, accompanied with his favorite cold Tiger Beer. That late afternoon, he literally made impressive efforts in preparing the straw mats, tripod, cold drinks (beers for him and soft drinks for me), ice cubes and peanuts for us as if we were going to have a very important picnic. A tribute to my excellent personal event planner, we ended having a late night memorable picnic at Port Dickson beach, about 30 minutes from his residence in Seremban.

What can be more perfect date than this: Cold drinks, heart-to-heart chats and serene beach? 

Turned out dating at a beach could be quite romantic, memorable and relaxing.

Like he said, I would also love to have more and more of these together-moments again with him whenever we can at many other different locations.

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