Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Game Review: Zombie Farm

This is another new found game addiction after Angry Bird - Zombie Farm.

Welcome to Zombie Farm!

I have actually downloaded this free game on my iPhone quite long time ago. Back then, I did not really know how to play it. I tried playing it but at first I was not really impressed by it as I was expecting something with cuter characters like in my ever favorite PS game, Harvest Moon.

Zombie Farm is not just a mere farming game. This game is more than just seeds, cute farmer, hoe, turnips, onions or tomatoes. It heavily involves scary green creatures which almost look like Satan too for farming. Hence, at some point, I stopped playing but never actually deleted it.

Only a couple weeks ago, my boyfriend started playing this and he sort of got addicted to this farming activity pretty badly. It was rather scary looking at the way he was hooked to this game. He could not stop checking his crops for every few minutes. Not long, he was afraid that his addiction might affect his effectiveness at work on weekdays, thus at one point he decided to remove this application from his iPhone and temporarily used mine instead.

However, apparently he could not stand fasting from this game for too long. Next thing I know, he reported that he has downloaded this application again.

His fondness to this game has gone to a madness level. He purposely sets alarms on his iPhone just to notify him that his crops are ready to harvest or when his zombies are ready to be awaken! He is happily and enthusiastically willing to wake up in the middle of the night or from his nap just to check on his crops. I find him very funny and cute acting so happy with this Zombie Farm like a little boy with his new toy.

 Planting zombies and crops. See the zombie tombs!

See how these scary zombies wandering around the farm!

Harvesting pretty Sampaguita flowers with Zombies.

This game is about planting, harvesting your crops, unlocking the new crops and raising your money. The major difference with the other farming games is the Zombies that loiter around the field. Yes, zombies! The green scary creatures, with big black eyes, creeppy walking style and open mouths. You have to raise these Zombies to actually guard your farm and increase your level. You would need these green creepy characters to invade other farms too to earn brain which is valuable to move to the next level or purchase certain items. Yaiks but true!

Sometimes, I still shiver when looking at all these green cartoon creatures lurking around my virtual farm, yet, I am still playing this game. See how long I can last with this one.

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