Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WhatsApp is So Far So Good!

I really like using my new WhatsApp application in my Iphone. It costs $ 0.99 to download this application. The best part of this application, other than its main function as a mobile chatting platform, is its feature for sending photos to the other end almost instantly.

When I was running a conference in KL last week, with this application I could share what's going on with my life on a particular momentum with my boyfriend who was based in Johor.

Early in the morning, he greeted me with a cute puppy photo wandering around his construction site via WhatsApp.

So adorable wild puppy!

Nearing the end of my second day of my Conference, we shared again what we were going through in two different places almost at the same time. Two very different occasions in two different situations.

30 March 2010, 5.55pm: Measuring his last roof in Mersing site.

30 March 2010, 6.00pm: My last panel discussion at the Conference.

Sending a sweet smile on top of the roof.

Trying to return the smile from the hotel's toilet.

Although overall LDR is rather painful for both of us, but with this WhatsApp at least we could share more often on every happening in our separated worlds, despite the miles apart.

You just need more efforts to take pictures of not so important things in your daily life to do this and share them with your loved one out there.

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