Monday, April 5, 2010

Popiah Oh Popiah

I had a-2RM Popiah and a-3RM Penang Rojak at  Yi Heng (义兄) Food Court in Seremban last Saturday night. They tasted quite okay for hungry stomach and mouth which always craves for something similar to Indonesian food, like mine.

Me and the Duck Rice.

Popiah: Healthy and tastes good.

Me and Penang Rojak.

Only after the popiah, Fujian-style fresh spring roll, came to our table, my boyfriend mentioned that on the next day, we'd be having popiah again for the traditional Qing Ming lunch at his grandma's house in Muar.

I thought, the elderly women (his Mom and aunties) would be preparing piles of ready-to-eat popiahs as side dish for lunch on Sunday after some of the family members are done with their pai-pai rituals in the cemetery. Turned out it was a DIY popiah served for lunch. Yes, only popiah for lunch.

Every year during Qing Ming period, the women cook the varieties of fillings for the popiah since morning - from cooked veggies, tofu to sliced pork sausages. Once they are ready, we create our own popiah.

Put a popiah crepe on a plate and throw whatever ingredients you want for the fillings.

Stuffing mixed ingredients on a popiah crepe.

Fold it and eat.

Folding popiah needs skill and luck!

 DIY popiah ready to eat.

Posing with our first DIY popiah: Too little tauco sauce!

Happy eating 1st Popiah.

A really 'fat' mouth-watering home-made Popiah!

mmMMmm: Smelling non-aromatic 5th popiah! Yes, we both ate about 5 popiahs for lunch that Sunday!

Popiah and Indonesian Lumpia Basah (wet spring rolls)... How I love you both!

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