Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moving Hortensia

This evening after work, I finally cleared all my tomato plants which stems I had cut off last Monday morning. They were so not healthy and pretty dry, especially when I could not water them everyday. Aesthetically, they already looked not so amusing anymore to anyone who see them and they had stopped growing fruits.

Last remains from tomato plants.

After I removed all the soil from the tomato pot, I filled the pot with new soil mix which I purposely bought for my Hortensias.

 Hortensia babies from pot no. 1.

Hortensia babies from pot no. 2.

 Moving Hortensia plants to one pot with my only planting tool: A plastic spoon.

 All hortensias are gathered into one single pot: Arranged and watered.

I hope after I moved these young Hortensias to one pot, they'd grow stronger fast. They do not look pretty stable on their new home. Although, it's very normal to see your newly moved plants to be bit tilted for the next first few days after the moving.

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