Monday, April 5, 2010

Me Time for My Nails

Last weekend, I finally did my so called longed and prolonged nail care. I had been aiming manicure and pedicure treatments since last year but did not have the chance to do so simply because:
  1. Nail treatment in Singapore is bloody expensive
  2. The nail salon I found in Seremban was always fully booked on weekends
  3. I could not find a salon for nail treatment in Malang
  4. I hardly go to Jakarta again for my regular cheap complete manicure-pedicure treats
  5. I am no good and totally impatient in polishing my own nails
Last Friday when I visited Jusco Mall in Seremban while hunting for a facial salon, I ended up making an appointment for nail treatment in a nail salon along the outlet stretch. It was for Saturday at 2.00pm. I was so happy and looking forward to it. I know they charge pretty expensive considering the service that they offer. Pedicure excludes foot scrub and nail polish, which I find a bit ridiculous. For nail polish, we need to pay extra RM 3. For foot scrub, they charge separately of RM 68. In total, for one treatment of manicure and pedicure with nail polish (no foot scrub) would cost RM 76.

The 'Nail' Menu.

On Saturday, exactly at 1.57pm, my boyfriend dropped me at Jusco just before he went for his weekly badminton practice. Ironically, when I already booked my nail appointment with the Salon, there were like only two customers including me that afternoon.

The 'Nail Trend' Salon in Jusco, Seremban.

First, they asked me to sit, wait and choose the nail color I wanted.

 Colored nail prototypes from acrylic.

Then they started doing my feet first. I chose pink color for my toes! Wrong choice for your feet. Too bright. Argh!

Almost 'express' pedicure session: Foot bath, cuticle removal, nail shaping and nail polishing.

Lastly, they worked on my hands. Hand sanitizing, massage, cuticle removal, nail shaping and nail polishing.

My hand after the 'cleaning' session.

Drying my newly polished nails: I made Alisha fixed my right hand's middle finger three times for the nail polish smudge as I moved a lot during the drying process. Very boring waiting time.

End results.

Whilst I was drying my hand nails, Alisha came to me with the "Menu". After explaining a bit about the menu on hand, I ended paying her RM 195 instead of RM 76 as planned. I signed up for the package of 3 sessions plus one free manicure-pedicure session (with nail polish) for RM 195. With this package, the mani-pedi treatment would cost me about RM 48.75 per session instead of RM 76 per session. I was just trying to be a smart consumer yet was still successfully nailed by the nail salon.

Not even one day later, the nail polishes on my fingers and toes were already smudged here and there. They don't last long. Beauty does not last forever.

Given a reasonable cost and time available, I always love and enjoy having my 'me-time', doing treatments for my so-called beauty regimes in beauty salons. I like the instant feeling of suddenly being a little bit prettier, cleaner or healthier after all the treatments either on my face, hair, skin or nails. I like being a 'princess' for few hours. I love the feeling of being pampered. Girls need to care their bodies anyway. So why not spoil myself once in a while? Give stress some rest.


  1. Helpful review! Thanks for sharing! Was about to book my appointment but decided not to anymore :p

  2. Thanks for reading! It's pricy huh?

  3. wow very pricy.. try Glam Nail in Uptown Avenue. its cheap and really worth it. pedicure include file,scrub, polish.. this month mother;s day is very cheap RM100 for 6x manicure and RM120 for 6x pedicure.. i sign up 4 package as its only this for this month and there is no expire date. highly recommended. 06-6014037


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