Saturday, April 10, 2010

Horti Moss-ing the Greens

This morning, I decided to add mosses on top of my plants' soil especially since after I moved my Hortensia to a new pot, 2 kg soil that I bought was not enough to fit the pot volume.

I bought a 1kg pack of Horti Moss in NTUC last night and it costs about $3.74 per kg. Horti Moss is partially derived from sphagnum mosses and used for soil conditioner and promote humus.

Horti Moss from Supermarket.

Some explanation about Horti Moss.

Since I only need just a bit of the moss in the package, I added the moss to the other plants' soil as well.

My Pachira now: Bolder.

 Not sure what the name of this plant but I gave bit of moss too on top of its soil.

 My hortensias with moss.

Spathyphyllum: I added some mosses to replace some of its soil that I partially used for Hortensia's pot.

 My mini garden in April 2010.

Thanks to my boyfriend who happened to be around this morning, after all this time I finally got a chance to take photo with my plants.

Using my plastic spoon to fix all my planting regimes.

Carefully watering my young hortensias.

Hmm.. I love planting. How I wish a mini real garden on my own to play with.

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