Thursday, April 15, 2010

Celebrating Humpday with Producers

Yesterday after office hours, suddenly I had no mood to head home too early. I casually prompted a suggestion to Iris and Rej, my producer fellows, about going somewhere for dinner and chit chat. Rej who did not plan to leave the office just yet, suddenly shut her computer down and accepted my invitation. "Yes, I am going with you guys", she said.

Then, there you go. Delegations from Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines were assembled in a restaurant in 313@Somerset, a newly developed mall in Somerset MRT Station. Over dinner at a restaurant called Lush Cafe in the basement area, three of us had long solid conversation from A to Z and shared our complaints, frustrations, gossips and jokes that we experience in our full-of-drama workplace.

My dinner from Lush Cafe: Salad with chicken karaage. 
Cost me $ 5.90 before 10% service tax. Taste was just okay.

After dinner, we still didn't feel like going home again so Iris proposed to continue our laughing therapy by having a dessert somewhere else. After short contemplation, we decided to go to Cold Rock outlet upstairs. I came across this outlet when I first visited the mall with my boyfriend on last weekend. I wanted to taste chocolate blocks, cookies, wafers and ice cream combo but that night my stomach had no more space to contain other food than air.

After carefully analyzing their menu in the counter, we, chocolate fanatics, decided to share Cold Rock's Choc-A-Bloc regular cup. It cost us $ 9.50. Its price was actually considered as quite expensive charge for an ice cream treat but it's worth the price, especially if you have sweet tooth to entertain.

See how they do the Mix Ins Ice Cream:

Choose the ingredients we want to mix with the ice cream.

Prepare the crispy waffle base for the ice cream combo.

 Smash and mix all the sweet ingredients with the ice cream.

Voila! Here comes our sinful Choc-A-Bloc!

We really had A LOT of laughter to share last night. Towards the end of our meeting, Rej also revealed a classified information about our new colleague that no one else but three of us should know. What she spilled was just an affirmation that this planet is indeed inhabited by a vary of peculiar human beings and now we just have one more within the proximity, although this person is relatively harmless to us. My chin literally almost touched the table when I learned the news from her.

And of course, we felt the need to have our 'Kodak Moments' with our giant ice cream. Luckily, Iris carries her camera in her bag everyday.

Delegations from the Philippines and Indonesia: Rej and Chris.

Delegations from Indonesia and Singapore: Chris and Iris.

After our stomachs screamed 'no more' to our dessert, at about 9.30 pm, we concluded our night out with a plan to hold more similar producer meetings sometime soon. It was a really fun night to spend with more-than-just-co-workers who share a lot of similar things with me, from bitterness to happiness in my work and some parts of personal lives. Considering that I spend most of my hours in one day and most of my days in one week with these girls more than anyone else, I truly appreciate this bonding.

Seems like Iris has created a name to our unconsciously formed 'gang'. We are now the Insane Trios.

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