Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Baby Kaylee, I Want to See You!

I am pleased to announce to the world about my beautiful second niece. Although, it's pretty late to tell the whole world about her as she is about seven months old already by now. She was born on last September 27th, 2009 in Jakarta.

Baby Kaylee is my cousin's daughter in Jakarta. The last time I personally saw her in Jakarta, she was still a tiny two-month old baby girl. I only had a chance to see her very briefly then.

 23 November 2009: My first look at Baby Kaylee.

23 November 2009: My cousin and her brand new baby girl.

 April 2010: Baby Kaylee is growing now! So much.

Can't resist her chubby feature.

Super cute Baby Kaylee wrapped in a baby cloth.

I am so an auntie now. I have two nieces and one nephew already by now.

Baby Obama and Baby Kaylee - Where are you? I want to see you both. So bad.

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