Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Game Review: Angry Birds

Last weekend, after some serious contemplations, I finally pressed that INSTALL button on Angry Birds page on my iPhone's Application Store. Yes, after WhatsApp, this is my first time really purchased a game for a phone and it cost me $ 0.99. Some good analogy about it - my boyfriend convinced me that the price of downloading a game is only equivalent to a glass of drink in Singapore. So, no regret.

I was hooked by this game when my boyfriend first downloaded it few months ago on his new iPhone. Both of us downloaded its Lite version which only has 6 levels to complete. Clearly, I wanted more.

The mission of this game is to kill all the green pigs which stole the birds' eggs. I love the cute angry birds characters and the cute chirpy noises that they make when they fly over to hit the enemies. The challenges on every level makes us itchy to always continue and try the next levels faster, as we can only go to the next levels after we complete the previous ones.

All we have to do is aim the bird to hit the pigs but we must have the right skill to estimate the distance well before shooting the birds over. We cannot simply shoot the birds to random objects in front of them.

This is the hardest level so far. Level 1-21. I've tried to tackle this level for more than 10 times last night but always failed to destroy all the things and kill all the three pigs, especially the one with the helmet. If I can't beat this level tonight, I'm so going to pass this level to my boyfriend once I see him this weekend so I can move on to the next level!

Initial stage of level 1-21: Bird troops ready to destroy the giant and strong green pigs' rocky nest.

I'm running out of birds and still got one stubborn pig left!

I failed.

I tried again, but this time the result was even worse.
I got two pigs not killed and already ran out of birds to shoot.

Obviously, I failed again.

Although this is a fun game, I hope it can entertain me a bit longer as I get bored easily. Look at what happened to Unblock Me! which I used to play almost every day, everywhere - I never opened it again. Lucky it was a free game!

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