Sunday, March 7, 2010

Frog Legs Kung Pao in Seremban

Last Friday evening, my boyfriend asked me over Ping!, "What do you want for dinner when you reach here? I am struggling with your dinner now. Chinese, Malay or Western food?"

At first, I said "Anything".

In the end, the big fat frog legs kung pao and salted vegetables from a restaurant in Seremban that my boyfriend introduced me few months ago suddenly haunted me. I quickly told him about this and he was so happy that I finally made a decision on dinner menu as usually deciding 'what to eat later?' can be quite a painful and time consuming experience.

About an hour after I touched down in KLIA, I finally met the ones that I've been dreaming of since I left Singapore.

Frog Legs Kung Pao (RM 7.50),  Salted Vegetables/Ham Choi (RM 2) and 
Teochew style Tofu mixed with Eggs (RM 2).

 17RM Friday Night Dinner.

My weekend host: First time seeing him in a formal office shirt.

On Saturday afternoon, I was accompanying my boyfriend sending honeydews he bought from Kluang to his pals. After he passed the honeydew to the second destination, his car was hit by a car in a very narrow street when he was parking his car in front of his friend's house. We both were pretty shocked with the bumping feeling. Not long, for the first time in my entire life, I was involved in a car racing, chasing for the mad driver who shook my boy's car. I have been watching this kind of chasing episodes from TV for the longest time but never ever expected I would be really involved in a similar scene in the real life. 

Chasing the mad driver.

The suspect.

After few minutes trying to chase the suspect's car, we finally came closer to the suspect's car and found out that the driver was a woman and she was carrying four other women in that car. At first we thought, she was a hooker or something from the way she dressed. My boyfriend made lots of screaming and gave light signals to make her pull over. The woman kept on acting dumb, was still busy on the phone when driving and ignored all the honks and light signals. 

At one point, my boyfriend was just so fed up and reported the car to the police officer over the phone. Right before he spilled the plate number to the officer on the other line, she finally pulled over. Once we parked the car, she burst like crazy trying to explain that she was in calling her relative asking for direction as she was on her way to a wedding. She was just super panic trying to apologize and explain what happened. Since I don't really speak Mandarin, I just nodded and nodded, and let my boyfriend handle her and her gang. All I could remember was her strong creepy perfume smell, glitters all over her face and hair plus her outmatching outfit: dark brown dress, black shawl, black stocking and multi-purpose sponge sandals (for a wedding?!).

Lucky, the car was left unscratched. My boyfriend let her and her entourage from village go away. What a drama cum action episodes for a Saturday.

Today, Sunday afternoon, I got the mood to take photos together when my boy was busy doing his filing. It wouldn't be big issues to mess him up for a while, I thought. So as usual, I made him do our self-photo session which we usually do anywhere, anytime.

Thanks to the pinch, my pimple on my nose is getting dry but still pretty obvious.

We both need a haircut.

So, this is the end of my visit this weekend. Happy times do fly real fast. I was longing for Friday night but Sunday evening always comes a little to fast. Not a little actually, Sunday always come very fast. I, again, am missing my boy for another week.

Lunch/Dinner: RM 6.60 Thai Style Pattaya Fried Rice from KLIA Foodcourt.

Thai fried rice with Papadam! You bet! The sellers were Indians.

I am back to Singapore again now. Another stressful routines are waiting for me. Oh, life!

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