Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Morning Exercise

All I want on Saturday and Sunday is just sleep. Prolonged sleep. The latter the better. However, this law does not apply for my boyfriend - on Saturday he has to work half-day. Hence, I cannot oversleep so much on Saturday morning as I usually accompany him to his office on Saturday.

On Sunday morning, he'd try to wake me up early and presses his luck on having outdoor morning sports with me. Most of the time, he fails on this. I am just a lazy pig on weekends, by choice. Once I wake up, it's already time for family Sunday breakfast. No more chance for the so called healthy Sunday excercise.

This morning, after trying for more or less one hour, he'd finally made me jump out of my bed - for a morning exercise. Since I don't heart running at all and am more keen on cycling and swimming for sports, he made his family's old bicycle ready for me, right from his house's warehouse (even before I really opened my eyes). This being said, I could not escape anymore from the Sunday sport he planned. "Make some sweats!", he said. This morning's target was running around the block. He circled the block with his feet and I circled with his bike, side by side. We did two rounds.

Photo session: Just acting to be running.

Me and his bike in front of his house: Bit too low for me.

After two rounds: Sweating athlete and sleepy girl.

Showing off the cycling skill

Showing off the 'jumping' move but I could not captured the 'jumping' shots on camera.

Exersise, exercise!

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