Monday, March 1, 2010

Saturday Sundae

Last week, I was accompanying a colleague getting some weekday's treat for her a.k.a witnessing her buying an ice cream cone from McDonald's around Boat Quay area during lunch time. It was not a really good week for all of us. Busy and just pure stressful. After we came back to the office, on her Facebook she posted: Sometimes, it only takes an ice cream cone to make your day better.

This impulse quote has definitely inspired me to get some luxury treat for the previous weekend. I dreamt of something of cold, creamy and sweet dessert, preferably with a touch of fruits and dairy feeling. I was longing for something really sweet with very smooth textures other than chocolates that melts in my mouth.

When I spotted McDonald's next to TESCO in Seremban, once we have parked the car, I immediately asked for my boyfriend's permission to find my long wanted Sundae from McD's whilst he was about to find some stuff from the shops around the supermarket. Permission was granted. I flew in to the counter and asked for my dreamed Strawberry Sundae. Something I haven't had for a really long time. With only RM 3.45, my Saturday has definitely gone better.

Sundae with fruity Strawberry topping: Paid!

Ready to Eat.

5 y/o kid reborned: Can't help but licking it like a child.

Me, my very big irritating pimple in my nose and my Strawberry Sundae.

My sweet sweet boy finishing my sweet sweet Strawberry Sundae up.

During the first days when fast food chain came to Indonesia, in particular my hometown, McD and KFC were sort of luxury food for us. Then, my auntie used to buy McD's Happy Meal for us when she was running some errands around the center of the town every Sunday noon. Most of the time, we aimed for the toys which changed on weekly basis. We loved the 'Fillet-O-Fish' and the mouth-watering fries, sometimes with extra order of their Chocolate/Strawberry Sundaes. Those days, we always waited for Sunday noon to come. Sunday noon without eating or smelling the food packed in that distinguished brown paper bag was just sort of incomplete.

Strawberry Sundae with high emotional value.

In conclusion, McD's Strawberry Sundae that I ate this weekend has transported me back to some old memories again. It just tasted so good and made me realize how I have missed it so much especially the strawberry sauce. I'm loving it!

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