Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Daddy's Little Girl

When I was inside the MRT on my way to Changi Airport last Friday, I saw a Chinese man carrying his little girl standing in front of me. Out of the blue, they just really caught my attention. He was standing and his little daughter was sitting on his shoulder. No appearance of the mother. The little girl clinged to her dad's head, played with his hair and sometimes laid her head to his all the while. The little girl was cute and I just thought they were so sweet.

After few stops, the man still had to carry his little daughter on his shoulder until there was an Indian man who actually offered him an empty seat and made a middle-aged woman who wanted to take that particular seat to stand up instead. I wanted to take the photo of the girl playing with her Dad's head and hair when he was carrying her using my iPhone but was scared that people behind me or the man himself would notice that actually I was taking their photo.

After I shared my intention of taking their pictures with my boyfriend, he managed to make me to snap their photos. However, they were not standing anymore. Anyhow, the way they played around and cuddled when they were already seated was still cute.

So clingy.

Fooling around.

I wonder how Daddy and his little girl's relationship can be this sweet. Maybe the opposite sex's attraction law holds true.

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