Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beyond Eternal Love: Till Death Do Us Part

Yesterday, Friday late afternoon, I was on a terrible bad mood after spending a rough grilling time and unnecessary interrogation inside my immediate Boss's room with my administrator colleague. After I came back to my seat, I was really struggling with my mood to continue work and obviously busy scrolling the mouse's pointer up and down on my computer screen for no serious reason.

At about 15.30, I suddenly received an email from an Indonesian delegate whom I met at the Facilities Management Conference once I ran in Singapore last year. A fellow Indonesian delegate who is still in touch with me once in a while via cyber network. He sent a forwarded story written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Its first line says: Very touching. So, I continued reading.

Subject: Upacara Pernikahan Sekaligus Pemakaman Istrinya

Mungkin ini bisa dibilang cinta sejati. Zhuang Huagui (26 tahun) berencana menikah pada tanggal 4 Februari 2010. Tapi, tanggal 28 Januari 2010, calon istrinya, Hua Zhao'e meninggal karena ditusuk oleh perampok rumahnya. Akhirnya pria ini memutuskan untuk tetap mengadakan upacara pernikahan, lalu dilanjutkan dengan upacara penguburan Hua Zhao'e. Zhuang tak pernah menyangka calon istrinya harus pergi meninggalkannya secepat ini. Zhuang memegang foto istrinya sambil menyambut orang-orang yang menghadiri upacara itu. Ia mengundang seluruh keluarga dari kedua pihak. Pengantin baru terbujur kaku di dalam peti mati, ia mengenakan gaun pengantin yang sudah disiapkan sejak lama. Setelah upacara pernikahan selesai, ia segera menyiapkan upacara pemakaman istrinya.

Pesan: Coba bayangkan orang yang kita sayang. Orang tua kita, pasangan kita, suami/istri kita, anak-anak kita, sahabat kita, mereka bisa dipanggil Tuhan kapan saja tanpa kita duga. Jadi, selagi masih ada kesempatan, nyatakanlah kasih sayangmu kepada mereka. Katakan betapa kau sangat mengasihi mereka, betapa mereka sangat berharga buat hidupmu. Lakukan yang terbaik untuk mereka selama mereka masih hidup. Karena kalau kita berdiri di pemakaman mereka, semua sudah terlambat. Tangisan penyesalan tidak akan pernah bisa mengembalikan mereka.

Once I finished reading this, I was so broken hearted. I was curious and felt compelled to find out more about the story and if possible to see the photos as well, if any. I found them. They were even more touching and sad. Creepy and beyond imagination. I quickly shared the link of the photos I found  to my fellow producers and my Indonesian delegate.

Fujian Man Held Wedding at His Wife's Funeral

26-year-old Zhuang Huagui and 21-year-old Hu Zhao'e originally planned to get married on February 4th, but on January 28th, Hu Zhao'e was stabbed to death by two break-in thieves. The deeply passionate groom held a special wedding at a funeral parlor for his deceased wife.

Zhuang and Hu's pre wedding photo.

Groom-to-be cries at the special funeral.

February 4th, 2010: At a funeral parlor in Hangzhou, Fujian, Zhuang Huagui tightly holds his wife's hand.

Zhuang carefully wipes his wife's crystal coffin.
 The groom decided to hold wedding ceremony with his deceased wife at the funeral parlor and inviting families from both parties to act as witnesses.

Zhuang holds his wife's wedding photo in front of the funeral parlor to welcome guests coming to the wedding.

The new bride lies in her wedding dress in her crystal coffin.

The groom completes his vows on the original planned wedding date with his wife lying in the crystal coffin.

The groom changes his clothes and takes part at his wife's funeral.

After his wedding ceremony was over, Zhuang immediately arranged his wife's funeral ceremony.

This is indeed another true love story from China worth sharing. A real scarce human material in today's planet earth. 

As for those who kill their human fellows, I wonder what would happen if this exact incident is imposed to them personally. Didn't they know that when they stabbed this poor woman to death, they also 'stabbed' her loved ones to death as well? Don't they know that when they take the life of someone, they also take the lives of many other people who are related to the victim? 

Oh well, as someone has mentioned to me: This world isn't round anymore.

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