Thursday, February 18, 2010

Eulogy for My Tomatoes

Whenever I am about to go overseas for a  few days, I always ask my housemates' assistance to water my plants during my away period. Realizing that plant watering for non-planters/non-gardeners/not-really-flora-lovers can be quite a demanding and painful task to do, I always tell them that they do not need to water my plants everyday. Once every few days would be just good enough.

Last night, I came back from my long Chinese New Year break in Malaysia. When I reached home, I was, to my horror, greeted by the most feared event that could happened to my plants (though this has been expected). First thing when I saw when I turned my head to my plants was the dried and yellowed tomato plants. They were only left with one green tomato fruit hanging. All my efforts in nurturing them all this while has officially gone into the drain.

Half-past dead tomatoes.

Single Survivor.

Later on, I slowly checked the other plants, lucky the others were still alive and relatively alright. In fact, my Hortensia plants have grown much bigger within these two weeks time. I'm quite delighted that despite the demise of my tomato plants, the newly seeded Hortensia and the rests still survived.

Growing Hortensia.

Hortensia: Ready for new potting soon.

Oh well, at least when one is dying, the rests would still be living. No can do.

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