Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Be My Valentine

This year, the galaxy has set the stars to make the Valentine's Day coincidentally fall on the same date as Chinese New Year. A rare happening that occurs once in every forty years, as I read. Although some guys still sent a bouquet of red roses or a box of chocolates to their sweethearts, since most Chinese tend to celebrate Lunar New Year and very occupied with all the Chinese New Year activities, I think this year's Valentine's Day might have been slightly less elaborated by some people, including myself. Or rather, my boyfriend and I found our different way in spending the Valentine's Day this year.

Crazy About You.

I've been welcoming the Tiger year in Malaysia and spent the first day of Chinese New Year as well as my first Valentine's Day in Muar, Johor with my boyfriend's family. After too long being away from home, welcoming and celebrating the Lunar Year again had made me miss my hometown and family so much. Angpao giveaways, family dinners, family gathering and visits as well as all the New Year greetings said have pretty much sent me back to past tense.

Back to Valentine, flowerless and chocolate-less Valentine's Day didn't lessen the sweetness of my first Valentine's Day at all. Last night, my boyfriend and I decided to get ourselves out from his Grandma's house, drive around the town and breath some open air. As we both had no destination, my boyfriend finally suggested him to introduced me Muar's infamous Chinese-style 'Fruit Rojak', one of my favorite local dish which I used to lovingly and frequently consume back home. Surely, I quickly welcomed this idea.

After making few wrong turns, stuck in a couple of dead ends and got lost for quite some time in the darkness of night in Muar, we finally found the foodcourt called Tanjong Emas, which sells the best Chinese Rojak in town. Luckily, despite the ongoing Chinese festive season, the rojak stall was open. We ordered the small fruit rojak for takeaway and it amazingly cost only 2RM. After we got the rojak packed in plastic bag, we took a night stroll at the Bay opposite the food court.

The bay was flooded by so many people and dating couples, albeit packed, we finally settled ourselves in an empty bench there. We had our packed supper which consisted of the mouth-watering Muar's fruit rojak and canned soya milk as our first Valentine's treat.

What we did for our Valentine's Day last night might sound so lousy and not romantic at all to some people, but last night's impromptu supper and Valetine's rendezvous with my loved one was kind of romantic to me. The atmoshphere we had last night was similar to dating at night in a park, which I always imagined as a very romantic thing to do for couples. Not to mentioned, the rojak was unbelievably tasty and very much equivalent to the fruit rojak sold in Indonesia.

In the end, I gave into temptation and literally begged my boyfriend to buy me the same rojak again on our way back to Seremban this evening.

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Lunar Year 2010, Everyone!

Be loving, be merry, be happy and be healthy always.

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