Monday, February 22, 2010

Making White Sauced Pasta: Amateur Chef

I am a lazy cook. Usually I only cook on weekends or when my boyfriend visits me. My fridge is generally empty. I only keep pro-biotic milk products, some fruits and bottles of prune essence on weekdays. I fill it with some greens and more fruits or yogurt on some occasional weekends.

Last weekend, I cooked an 'instant' practical lunch for him. Tested once and he liked it. On Friday night after work, I purposely did some groceries shopping and started to buy some fresh and canned ingredients for my planned home made breakfast and lunch.

In the end, no breakfast made and we ate one giant double chocolate muffin bought from the Cinnamon Bun muffin shop accompanied by a cup of hot instant coffee. I tried to make the Omellette during lunch hour instead.

Home Made Saturday Lunch.

English Omellete

When we were doing our grocery shopping in a supermarket in Seremban in the previous weekend, we stumbled into a topic of Omelette and English breakfast. I always know that my boyfriend is an avid fan of egg, so to accompany my pasta expose, I purposely shopped for fresh tomatoes as well to try making English Omellette for my boyfriend's breakfast last weekend.

Main Ingredients: Eggs, diced tomatoes, diced mushroom buttons, cooking oil, pepper and salt

Missing secret ingredients: Butter, cheese and diced ham

It didn't taste that fantastic and all the ingredients did not beautifully stick to the egg as planned.

Carbonara Mushroom Spaghetti 

Main ingredients: Prego Pasta Sauce and Spaghetti

Secret ingredients: Thai fish sauce, bit of sugar, pinch of pepper and Italian Herbs or Oregano.

Prego Carbonara Mushroom Sauce.

I added white large onions, eggs whisked with pinch of pepper and Italian herbs, sliced button mushrooms, sliced chicken sausage. I also put some boiled Ceylon Spinach as additional greens to be mixed with the cooked spaghetti carbonara as to make this heavy and creamy lunch less sinful to consume.

I feel that usually canned pasta sauce tasted quite plain. Therefore, to make my instant pasta sauce a little bit tastier, I added some fish sauce when I first stir fried the main ingredients.

Cooking needs practice, mood and motivation. I cook to live, not live to cook.

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