Saturday, January 16, 2010

Women and Their Cycles: Rojak & Nasi Lemak Cravings in Singapore

  • It is a combination of physical and emotional disturbances that occur to women roughly in one or two weeks prior menstruation
  • About 80% of women experience PMS
  • Variety of symptoms include anger, irritability, depression, exaggerated mood swings, fatigue, bloating, acne, mild weight gain, sleep disturbances and appetite changes with overeating and food craving
  • Usually all these symptoms go away once woman gets her period

After knowing of the above fun facts about PMS, so who usually suffer from PMS? Tons of women actually complain when they start experiencing PMS. Usually during this period, women procrastinate about the bloating effects that make our pants or dress look tighter, the weighing scale which tends to show 0.5 to 2 kgs more than the normal digits, laziness, bad mood, back pain, acne attacks and so on. But is it true that women are really the ones who suffer from PMS the most?  I can't totally agree.

From my own personal experience, I think other than the women themselves, men do suffer most from PMS as well. Those who already have boyfriends or husbands, or even just brothers or sons tend to get the direct impacts of this 'feminine' syndromes too. Out of the blue, one day some women might just stop talking to their partners, they blame the people around them for no apparent reasons and tend to pick up fights, they show sour faces to them for bad things that they even never commit, they give sharp comments like bee stings during usual conversations, they overreact over small matters if not over meaningless stuff, they suddenly break down for no cause and so on.

So, men out there, once you know that some woman cannot escape from these routines, please be patient and take it easy when on one 'abnormal' day, some women around you suddenly give you all these afore-mentioned conditions (unless you are facing those with around-the-clock hot-tempered persons a.k.a 365 days-PMS sufferers, then your patience must be raised to another greater heights and some of the possible symptoms above might not be justified). It might hurt and irritating to you, but not much we could do to control this inner negative power from spreading or explode.

As for me, during PMS I never miss spreading all the bad moods to certain 'innocent' close persons around me, get attacked by pimples, crave for food that on normal days I would not even touch, overeat or eat certain foods for few consecutive days and of course, have this bloated stomach syndrome.

Not sure if this is the PMS's effects or not, but like there was no other food available on this planet, I have been craving and literally eating these food for few times, only in this week.

1. Singapore-Style Rojak (for dinner and breakfast)

Singapore-Style Rojak (Sweet sauce with peanuts mixed with fruit slices, such as pineapples, bengkoangs, mangos, cucumbers; coleslaws, taopok and you diao)

2. Nasi Lemak (for lunch and dinner)
Golden Shoes Food Court's Nasi Lemak - S$3.10 
(The best and cheapest so far amongst the regulars stalls I visited in Singapore, 4.5/5* rating)

Women and men, shall thou behold 'til the ladies are over with their 'Moon'!

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