Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game Review: Unblock Me

Yesterday I put this 'Unblock Me' title for my online chatting status. When my boyfriend spotted this, he immediately asked me, "Who blocked you?" I replied, "No. This is the game you download for my iPhone long time ago. I am so addicted to it now." Then he went, "Huh? Did you pass level 8? I was stuck there" I said, "I have hit level 50, randomly. I skipped few which I could not solve." "HUH?! Really?", he remarked.

'Unblock Me' is a free game on iPhone that can be downloaded freely. According to this game developer's website, it is a simple and addictive puzzle game.

The goal is to get the red block out of the board (see the hole in the right side of the screen) by sliding the other blocks out of the way. It is undoubtedly a very addictive game and not as simple as it looks (just brown blocks and one red block). This game really can make you think intelligently how to place the other blocks and get the red block out of the screen.

First time my boyfriend downloaded this game on my iPhone months ago, once I saw a glimpse of the blocks on my iPhone screen, my judgmental trait as a true blue Virgo emerged. I immediately marked the game as 'a very boring game'. Whenever he played this game on my iPhone, I immediately turned my head away, sighed and deep in my heart commented, "Why the heck this man downloaded this game? What's so fun with calculating blocks? Maybe his work in the construction line gives him this distinctive interest to play with blocks." I didn't know the game was about arranging blocks and I thought it involved calculations. Given my anticipated hatred towards Mathematics and numbers in general, I always ignored 'Unblock Me!' icon in my iPhone screen.

Only two nights ago, when I was waiting my boyfriend to buzz me again for our regular online chatting session, I started to explore all the games in my iPhone. All this while, my only game interests on iPhone were those which involve words or letters arrangements. However, on one magical moment, I, somehow, opened this 'Unblock Me' icon and gave it a try.

I opened the beginner level and chose relax mode. I saw the all the available levels for this beginner levels. Number 1 to 7 has been ticked in green. Meaning, my boyfriend had managed to release the red block up to the level 7. I tried to continue the level 8. Failed. Moved on to level 9. Failed. Tried on level 10. Finally, hip-hip hurray...! My first success in solving this bloody blocks game. I was elated.

I continued playing the next level. Tried every level and skipped those few levels which made me stuck for too long. That night, I held strong my principle to not dwell on something unfruitful for too long, so I thought I better moved on something else and press my luck on the new green pastures available. I kept on playing that night and randomly hit up to level 50 when the next morning, I continued playing this while I was inside the MRT on my way to work. I just could not stop.

In the end, I think 'a simple and addictive game' stated at the game developer's website to define 'Unblock Me' is indeed an understatement. It is a simple yet complicated and exciting plus very addictive game! Worth a try and downloading! As each beginner and intermediate level has 400 cases to solve. So, fret not of running out of blocks or these squared challenges. This free game has plenty of them.

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