Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweet, Sweet Baby Tomatoes

Two days ago, after contemplating for a couple of days, I finally plucked the three red tomatoes hanging on my plants. What a waste if these red dots just stayed there for the sake of decorating the green stems then rotted there, I thought. Or worse, they'd be stolen without me even having a chance to enjoy them. One of my housemates actually told me that during the previous Christmas holiday, some of my tomatoes were stolen by random people wandering in my unit level.

My second or third tomatoes harvest

Harvested on 26 January 2010

That evening I offered my housemate to try some of the fruits of my patience. At first, she refused and said that she'd tried eating this tomato before and it was tasteless. After I ate one myself and told her that what I just ate actually had a sweet taste, she finally ate one too.

"Hmm... This one is not bad", she said.

"Now you know", I said at heart.

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