Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My 2009 Christmas Gifts

I received a box of dark chocolate and a book for my Christmas gifts 2009 from my significant other. He gave me these surprises when he visited my hometown last Christmas. He promises he would give me a chocolate box every time I finish my chocolates, which for me, this effort may take months to do it alone.

Initially, he wanted to buy me the latest Mitch Albom's book called 'Have A Little Faith' for my Christmas gift but seemed that he could not find the new book just yet. As a person who does not really include reading as a hobby, he chose a book called "Blink" in the airport before his departure to Malang. He said he didn't know what good book to buy for me so he just chose a book with many testimonials on it. Smart!

My sweet 2009 Christmas Gifts from My Darling.

I always have no heart to eat the chocolates from my darling but last night I finally opened the chocolate box simply because once upon a time he told me he would not give me chocolates again if I don't quickly finish the current one and my PMS has given me incredible uncontrollable appetite this month. These days I am always hungry like a bear.

Last night, my mouth was suddenly so 'itchy' again. Rojak and Nasi Lemak could not satisfy me enough this month. My eyes kept on wandering around my room, searching for something edible at 11pm. The Ferrero Rondnoir which has been sitting on my desk nicely since last Christmas could not escape from me anymore. I finally had to open it... and officially popped the dark choc in my mouth. What a sweet nocturnal pleasure!

 Extra Soft Chocolate Box.

 Description behind the box.

My Ferrero Rondnoir - Finally opened!

As advised, chocolate balls were moved to a plastic container to keep them crunchy longer.

This is what the chocolate's center looks like.

Speaking of Christmas gifts, last year there was a Christmas celebration again in my office. We had the usual Christmas lunch, gifts exchange and photo sessions.
Before the Christmas celebration which was held about a week before the Christmas day, each of us was instructed to find a gift with price around S$ 15. I finally found something cute, presentable and within budget  in Junction 8 for the gifts exchange session.

Since my company highly concerns about costs hence the 'party organizers' chose set meals from Canadian Pizza for the lunch Christmas menu. I heard that Canadian Pizza had 'Buy 1, Get 1 Free' promotion too that time, so it's impossible if my company missed the yearly good deals like this.

Anyway, this is what I gave away for the gifts exchange session:

A cute (I think) 'mouse' piggy bank/desk decoration.

And this is what I got in return:

 A pair of navy blue Tupperware lunch boxes.

I could not stop laughing at what I got after the Christmas celebration. My other peer production colleagues also found my case was quite hilarious. I personally didn't think they were really proper presents to give away to people especially since the one who got them was a person who never brings lunch or food from home to office. How ironic. However, if I think over it again, looking at the brighter side, these Tupperware might somehow be useful in the future and I heard Tupperware has a lifetime guarantee too.

Oh well... What a memorable Christmas here in ABF!

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