Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Second Meeting with Baby Obama

One of my really big 'motivation' to came home last Christmas was to see Baby Obama. All this while, since I last saw her in May, I only followed her developments from the photos that my sister constantly uploads on Facebook.

I really missed her. Although, by right I am not that close to her but seeing her photos and hearing any developments or stories about her from my family have always been my deepest joy and amusement.

When I saw her again in December, she obviously did not know me or recognize me at all. She turned her head away when I saw her. She screamed when I touched her. She cried when I tried to hold her. Basically, she rejected me. This happened for almost a week. I only managed to start holding her or playing with her without any significant refusal from her one or two days before my departure to KL on the 30th of December, almost one week after my first meeting again with Baby Obama.

 Baby Obama is so glued to my Mom.

My sister, Baby Obama and me. See how she did not even bother to give me a face.

Baby Obama's brunch: Baby banana.

Finally I could hug her.

I just love her smile. This photo was taken on the night before I left Malang at her house.

My very last hug for Baby Obama before I went to the Airport in Surabaya.

How is Baby Obama doing now?
  • She can eat rice with soup
  • She takes Dancow milk instead of baby formula now
  • She is even more glued to my Mom these days
  • She cries when my Mom does not hold her or unable to take care of her during her busy time
  • She always has bad mood if she has not visited my house or sees my parents in one day
  • She sleeps at 6pm or 7pm
  • She wakes up at 4am to 6am
  • She screams when her wish is not granted
  • She babbles a lot
  • She sweats very fast
  • She is still unable to walk on her own
  • She can crawls up to five steps then sits down and rests
  • She can mimics people's facial expressions and behavior
  • She can recognize people by now
  • She is very choosy to people who want to hug or carry her
  • She likes to play with stacks of pillow in my parents' bed
  • She loves messing a stack of ironed clothes on bed
  • She likes her 'cow head' doll very much
  • She loves to eat, I mean loves to eat any solid food by now
  • She has grown few rabbit teeth
  • She is just a very naughty and spoiled cute baby now
Oh God, I miss her so much!

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