Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hortensias are finally here!

I finally spread the Hortensia seeds few weeks ago as I was quite bored with my current 'four' plants.

My Money Tree or Pachira, 13 January 2010

My other plants, the two on the right are sort of given by my Landlord

I needed more challenges and entertainment. Hence, I tore the seed packaging and spread the seeds to the big pot with one single big green plant in the middle from my landlord.

Hortensia seeds bought in Marketplace, City Hall

After few weeks, here's what happened:

Small green spots (if you can see)

Finally Hortensia seedlings! Ready to be moved to bigger pots soon.

All the seedlings came out!

Grow, grow, grow big and fast, my dear plants! I can't wait to see you all grown up and blooming.

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