Thursday, January 21, 2010

Digging Some Old Pieces

When a topic on writing and being a writer stumbled upon my conversation with my boyfriend the other night, I told him that once upon a time I wanted to be a writer. To a certain degree, I must say that I enjoy writing. I am comfortable with arranging words into some meaningful lines but I still need further learning and practice. I tried to write a novel in English when I was in my junior high school with my first computer but now the file has for sure gone missing together with the PC.

I recall one of my writing mentors in IPA, Irena Josoeb, once told me that I needed to read more to improve my writing skill. I need to gather more vocabularies. See how other people play with words. Explore their various styles of writing. Do not cut or stop your reading habit. Start reading 'good' books. Read magazines and learn how they write they sales or marketing gimmicks. Read 'heavier' materials such as business magazines or newspapers and observe how people write articles. These are nothing else but true.

After I shared one of my childhood passions to my boyfriend, I mentioned to him that I wrote two articles or more to contributing event coverages for my association during my active days with them. I gave him the links and told him to check. He said they were O.K. and from reading my writings he said he could actually learn something.

I remember it was indeed a task to contribute writings to my association but I always felt this distinctive satisfaction when my writing has successfully gone through my editors and finally saw my writings were uploaded in the association's official website with my name below the writing's title. It was kind of addictive. When I found the links again and re-read what I contributed to them during my heyday with IPA, I almost forgot that I had ever written such things to IPA.

Our Most Proud Association

Thanks to my even coverage's editor that time, Megawati Wijaya, my event coverages for IPA during IPA's Wine Appreciation Event and IPA's Treetop Adventure were indeed something to reminiscence. I had totally forgotten about all the wine varieties or how to appreciate wines by now. Now I am happy to find my writings again so I could remember about wines and most importantly now I could remember about what I did with IPA before, how I grew together with IPA, how many new friends I got from IPA, how much I learned with IPA, how much IPA changed me as an individual, how much fun I had with IPA and so on.

 Friday the 13th Dinner in Chinatown with US Ambassador for Indonesia, Mr. Cameron Hume

It's certainly been a long time since IPA's period. Time has changed. IPA has changed. All the committee structures and IPA activities have changed but somehow my feeling and connection towards IPA are still pretty strong. It has become part of me to some extent.

I kind of miss IPA's time though. And oh, I still owe Mega an article for her Indonesian Thinking columns she manages. I've been giving these empty promises to her since last year or even maybe two years ago. My apologies, Mega, for my 'NATO' on this matter...


  1. Hahahaha... no worries, my dear ever reliable event coverage reporter! Indonesia Thinking column is dead now. I've killed it.

    If you are interested in writing or contributing articles, you should check out this new kid on the block:

    The style is a bit young for us, I guess. But hey, it's also still looking for its identity. And it's the writers/contributors who will shape the site.

    I think it's quite an amazing stuff given that the brains behind it all are still undergrads!


  2. Huh..?! You've killed it? Why and when? What a pity, Meg... :(

    Oh, I'll check the website later.. Thanks for the info!


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