Thursday, January 28, 2010

Déjà Vu

It was probably 17-18 years ago. I was a small kid. I didn't speak nor understand English then. I remember on one morning, my Mother played a song in her old Sony cassette player in our old house's living room. She was cleaning something, if not she was sweeping the floor or wiping the table there.

I picked up the melody of the song she played that morning. I did not know why but that song somehow caught my ears and heart. I remembered a little bit of the melody of particular song and could blurry hum the first line of what the lady sung in that song. "Why does the Sun go on shining...?" All this time, I thought it was one of her favorites Beatles' hit songs. When I discovered that the Beatles consisted of all male singers, I was still in a good faith that this song still could have been their hits. It might have been re-sung by a female singer or something. After years of searching the old Beatles songs, I could not find it.

Last week, I heard the same melody that reminded me of my in-quest childhood melody was played in my boyfriend's car. I asked him what song was that. He found the title and the song for me. There you go. My search for the longest years finally ended.

Turned out it was a song called 'The End of the World' sung by Skeeter Davis. When I digested her whole 'broken-hearted' lyrics, I was literally brokenhearted too. I found it really sad. The sadness expressed in that song was kind of real, honest and biting.

The End of the World
Why does the sun go on shining?
Why does the sea rush to shore?
Don't they know it's the end of the world,
'Cause you don't love me anymore.

Why do the birds go on shining?
Why do the stars glow above?
Don't they know it's the end of the world
It ended when you said goodbye.

I wake up in the morning and I wonder
Why everything the same as it was.
I can't understand. No, I can't understand.
How life goes on the way it does.

Why does my heart go on beating?
Why do these eyes of mine cry?

Don't they know it's the end of the world
It ended when you said goodbye.

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