Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Baby Tomatoes in December 2009

After long delayed blogging mood and in total 7-months of longing and indescribable patience and determination, finally my baby tomato plants produced real baby tomatoes!

2 December 2009: My very first tomatoes.

23 December 2009: My first red baby tomato.

23 December 2009: Green tomatoes.

I was pretty happy with my planting results. One morning when I was taking care of my plants, my neighbor stopped by and started talking to me about my plants. We only talked once before when I bumped into her early in the morning before I headed to the airport last May. This time around, she was complementing me about my plants, especially my tomatoes. She did not expect that they were tomato plants and she said it was nice to see some colors in the plants. For a moment, I was a happy and successful planter. I was most proud with my tomatoes, despite the fact that the shape and look of the tomato plants themselves (without fruits) did not appear to be that pretty for eye consumption.

Before I left to Malang on the 24th of December morning, I purposely brought my one and only red tomato home. I wanted to show off to my family (especially my Mom) and boyfriend that I have successfully grown tomatoes domestically, right here in Singapore. As a seasoned planter and gardener, my Mom took the news in her distinguished cool way. After she saw my tomato, she said "Oh, me too. I also have tomatoes from the garden at home." And I only found out her baby tomatoes were 'fatter' than mine.

Anyway, I actually brought the red tomato all the way to Malang for my boyfriend to taste it when we met up in Malang. It was sweet.

My baby tomato's model.

Ready to eat Friday's breakfast!

Yummy!! Happy now?

After I came home from end of year holiday, I was again quite demoralized and disappointed to see my plants after 2 weeks. Seemed like my housemates did not water them enough. My baby tomato plants were yellow and tilted. Almost half-dead with some blooming flowers and fruits gone. Pretty sad.

The next morning I took out all the yellowish stem and leaves. My tomato plants were practically almost half-trimmed. Luckily, in the end they were fine again after my 'therapy' and now I am expecting more red fruits to blow my mind away.

10 January 2010: 'Tomatoes' taken by Yau Kee.

13 January 2010: Bunch of Tomatoes.

I am looking forward for a healthy Spring!

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