Monday, September 14, 2009

Wrong Diagnosis

For one week I have been constantly feeling light headed and dizzy few times a day. Often feeling sleepy, neck pain and weak. All the while I thought my low blood pressure, which runs in my family, has come attacked me after so long as normal Panadol or ibuprofen couldn't help overcoming my headache.

I did my research about hypo-tension in the internet and seemed that I fit all the symptoms listed below here. Hence, I've been literally swallowing medicine for low blood pressure for days until the last pill for yesterday. I made a pledge (in my heart) that I have to start doing exercise very soon to make better blood circulation to the brain. In fact, I purposely bought a whole bunch of red spinach and ate the whole thing alone for lunch yesterday.

The signs and symptoms of hypo-tension may happen within a few seconds or minutes of standing up after you've been sitting or lying down. You may feel that you are going to faint or you may actually faint. Signs and symptoms include:
* Dizziness or feeling light headed
* Blurry vision
* Confusion
* Weakness
* Nausea

This morning, I decided to see my regular doctor in front of my block. After I complained to him about my headache, he told me there are 3 types of headache and asked me which one of these that I am experiencing now. Dizzy, feeling floating and about to faint or nausea? I told him it's the light headed feeling that I couldn't bear mostly. He checked my blood pressure. He said slightly lower, normal but otherwise good.

I was like "What?" Then what is it? I thought I could just take more low blood pressure pills supply from him to survive my headache for the next few days.

"Usually light headed feeling is a symptom of stress." "Stress? Really? That bad?" "Are you stressed? You looked troubled. Are you thinking about work? Really that stressful" "Mm I have things on my mind" "Do you sleep enough?" "I think I do." Then I realized, if I think again, I did sleep not so late at night but woke up few times in one night. My body has been tired and wanting to sleep but my mind was constantly working and thinking of annoying things.

Then he prescribed me with Vitamin B, antibiotics for my dreadful sudden acne attacks, pills for dizziness and vomiting and paracetamol. Looked so much to take but apparently the last two prescriptions are to be taken if necessary.

"So what is it that troubling you? Work? Relationship? Family" "Haha.. Maybe" "Don't think so much. I give you one day MC today. Call your office and tell that you are not coming today. Take a rest and don't go to work today." "I don't need one. I don't feel dizzy now" "Just go home and sleep. Don't think so much" "Haha.. I wish I could." "Pray more" "Haha.. Thank you. Bye, Doc!"

S$45 medication bill for stress. Not much but it's just so unnecessary. This was my second medication bills for this month only. Being not healthy sucks! Costs you unnecessary budget to spend.

How can we stop thinking so much and just relax? Being healthy inside is just really state of mind yet so hard to accomplished.

So here I am, relaxing at home and ended up blogging about medical issues and pharmaceuticals. After seeing the doctor, I did my research on headache + stress + vitamin B and found these:

Tension Headache, often called as stress headache, is a common type of headache for adults. It is more common to women than men. It usually begin gradually and often occur in the middle of the day.

In mild to moderate tension headaches, there is a constant, band-like pain or pressure that lasts from 30 minutes to all day. Tension headaches tend to be moderate or mild and are rarely severe.
  • Headache upon awakening (Yes)
  • General muscle aches (Yes)
  • Difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep (So yes)
  • Chronic fatigue (Yes)
  • Irritability (Maybe)
  • Disturbed concentration (Yes)
  • Mild sensitivity to light or noise (Recently yes)
  • Occasional dizziness (So yes)
The symptoms between hypo-tension and stress-headache are so similar. Worst thing is, I am confirmed to be stressed-out and can't really figure out what really caused my stress! Help!

Anyway, further research on why Vitamin B helps. Doc gave me pills of Vitamin B Forte (B1, B6 and B12).

According to Wikipedia, Vitamin B plays important role in cell metabolism.

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) - Deficiency may lead to disease of the nervous system include weight loss, emotional disturbances, weakness and pain in the limbs and edema.

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) - Deficiency may lead to anemia, depression, dermatitis, hypertension, water retention and elevated homo-cysteine. I don't know what this one means.

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) - Deficiency results in macrocytic anemia, memory loss and other cognitive deficits.

Terrible, isn't it? I thought Vitamin B is never so key to your body compared to Vitamin A, C or D. But deficiency of this very vitamin can cause you all of the above sickness and most of all, it may easily lead you to stress.

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