Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Monday's 25th Birthday

This is what happens when your birthday falls on Monday. Not much happening and just had to spend your special day just like any other Mondays at work. But luckily, my dear colleagues did some celebration for me in the middle of the day... and suddenly, my plain vanilla Monday's birthday didn't feel so bad at all (especially after we took some photos together).

Later in the afternoon, I called home and jokingly checked on my parents via the phone on their silence in the whole morning ("How come and why both of you (Mom and Dad) didn't send me any happy birthday SMS like you usually do?") My lucky guess would be they were way too busy taking care Baby Obama and forgot the grown-up Christine. And I think I was right. *LOL*

To Jennifer, Iris, Rejoy and Shirley DW: Million thanks for the birthday celebration, ladies!

And thank you so much too to those who flooded me their super kind birthday wishes via SMS and Facebook! You guys are just wonderful!

Anyway, more story about yesterday:

No birthday celebration after work.

No birthday dinner.


Went to pick up some groceries in a supermarket around the neighborhood on my way back home.

Did mountains of laundry at home.

Turned on my laptop and chilled in front of my laptop as usual.

Then, all of sudden at 20.04 while I was having my special 25th birthday hot date with my laptop, I received a 'no number' phone call. I thought my parents called me because they felt guilty with what happened in the morning. Or maybe my nosy sister called me. But turned out, I received a much better surprise.

My dear ex-housemate, Desy, called me from Surabaya just to say "Happy Birthday!!!!!" plus some catch-up chit chat of course. I was and am sooo happy.

Desy & Kur2, 16 Nov 2008, City Hall, Singapore
Lastly, to my dearest Desy Tako: I know there is probably only 0.01% that you'd read my blog but if you ever, ever happen to bump into this post, I'd like to thank you, thank you very much for the surprise call and  our super friendship! I was just simply elated to your voice and unique laughter again. I miss you, miss you, miss you so much, girl! Why did you have to go back to Indonesia for good so soon and leave your 'Jiejie' all alone here? *sob* *sob*

Oh, God.. Now I am 25 years old already!!
Officially fall into mid-twenties category!
Adios my early-twenties years...!!!

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