Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Green Pets After 4 months

What happened to my plants now? After 4 months, my money tree looks much bigger than first time I brought it home. In fact, I had to change the pot as the original pot couldn't hold the plant anymore.

 Money Tree - Month 5 
As for my baby tomato seeds - they just grow taller and cannot stand straight. I am not sure if this is normal for tomato plants. Their leaves always look wilted and entangled to each other even though I water them everyday and even give fertilizers. And after all these months, I still see no sign of flowers. What went wrong?

Baby Tomatoes - Month 4

Tired of feeling hopeless with my flowerless and not-so-healthy-looked baby tomatoes plant, this morning I tried to spread new flower seeds - White Spice Snowball flowers, that I bought from Marketplace Supermarket, City Hall about a month ago (S$1.50/package).

Some short explanation about this flower found at the back of the seed package:
Latin name: Lobularia maritima
Perennial herb is of 10-20 cm in height. Raceme dense white flowers have long florescence and strong fragrance. Favor to cold climate but no heat-resistance.


After a quick google-ing, turned out this White Spice Snowball is just the type of flowers called Hydrangea/Hortensia that my Mom used to grow back home few years back. 

Hydrangea is a genus of about 70-75 species of flowering plants native to southern and eastern Asia and north and south of America. They can be deciduous or evergreen, though the widely cultivated temperate species are all deciduous. There are two flower arrangements in hydrangeas. Mop head flowers are large round flower heads resembling pom-poms or, as the name implies, the head of a mop. In contrast, lace cap flowers bear round, flat flower heads with a center core of subdued, fertile flowers surrounded by outer rings of showy, sterile flowers. In most species, the flowers are white but in some species the color can be blue, red, pink, light purple, or dark purple. (Source: Wikipedia)

Hortensia grown in my home in Malang (taken in 2004)

Oh no!!! Apparently I was fooled by the flower's glamorous name and too attracted to the green color/background of the flowers photo in the seed package (again) and bought no-stranger-to-me flower seeds (again). Once bitten, twice shy! Darn!

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