Sunday, September 13, 2009

Girl Talk Over Coffee and Toasts

You'd never run out of stories and topics when you are catching up with old friend. That's what I always feel when I meet up with old pals. Even though we hardly meet each other face to face nor online, but once we meet up, it's just so easy to catch up. Words just flowing.

This evening, I finally had a chance to meet Miyuki, an old friend from Surabaya whom I met in Singapore more than 2 years ago. I lived with her and her sister, Megumi, first time I set foot in Singapore and completely knew nothing about this country. They offered me free accommodation for a couple of months during my struggling time in Singapore back in 2007. Fresh graduate looking for a job in a foreign land. No work pass. Limited cash. Backed up with bravery. Plenty of courage and hope. Ample of desperation. Lots of prayers. Heavily relied on fate. Both Yuki and Megumi somehow acted as my mental cheerleaders then.

Anyway, since I moved out from her house, we seldom meet up. Her sister has moved back to Surabaya for good. I think I can count with fingers in one hand for our meetings in the past two years although we live only two MRT stops away. Magic isn't it? As I always said, proximity doesn't guarantee your ability in nurturing good relationships with friends, especially in a busy city-country like Singapore. We developed our own new groups of friends. Different working agenda. Different hang out places. Different hobbies and free-time activities.

Anyway, suddenly this evening I buzzed her on MSN as I was experiencing massive boredom stoning at home on Sunday. Chit chatted over MSN for a bit then we found a very interesting topic to catch up face to face so we decided to find a place to talk and drink coffee. Ya Kun Kaya Toast, Toa Payoh Hub. 6 pm. A one or two hours planned meeting became a more than 3 hours long talk. Work, LDR, dating foreigners, family, future plan, men, wedding, everything was discussed.

Amazingly, we suddenly got a lot of things in common, mostly about what we feel about guys we are seeing and mostly how lonely sometimes it is to live in Singapore. A lot of good friends have gone back to Indonesia for good. Some pursue other things overseas and somehow just don't want live in Singapore anymore. Friends just come and go when you live alone in foreign countries. When you got no plan on weekends, you are just forced to stay at home or wandering around the malls, windows shopping or catching movies. Boring life? Tell me about it!

I thought I was alone in that state, luckily I am not.

Time to dig out old pals who are still hanging on in Singapore then!

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