Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dropping By Sekinchan

This year, I spent the Hari Raya holiday in Malaysia. I spent two days in my boyfriend's place and had another 2D1N trip (21-22 September) visiting Sekinchan in Selangor with three other new friends.

Water drop by YK.

Sekinchan is one of the major rice producing areas in Malaysia and located about 2 hours from Kuala Lumpur. It is a place with a complete green horizon. Simply amazing! As far as your eyes could see, you can only see endless beautiful green paddy fields. I never knew that plain green paddy field can be a super nice spot to take pictures! In Indonesia, we have so much of these but just never crossed my mind to stop by and use paddy field background to take photos!

Oh and by the way, we had a chance to taste the infamous Bakuteh in Klang on our way to Sekinchan! Hmmm.... Yummy, too bad I didn't take any photos of them.

So what's in Sekinchan?

Paddy field. Lots of them.

Paddy field galore.

Fun photo shoot sessions in Sekinchan.

 Me - Squatting on the paddy field on Tuesday morning. 
Thanks to me, we missed the sunrise!

Me - Rushing to go back to the 'real' ground after seeing countless moving insects from the wet ground! 
Yuck yuck yuck... (10,000 times!!)

Seafood. A place with cheap loads of mouth-watering seafood cooked in Chinese-Style. The only thing you have to bear is the longer-than-usual cooking time. Roughly it took about 1 to 1.5 hours for the restaurant to prepare the dish. But, it was worth it! We ate like hungry bears. No pain no gain!

Quiet Village. A nice place to stay away from city life and chill!

Beautiful spot for couple photo shoot too!

Muaks. Ha-ha.

Thanks for arranging the trip, Baby!

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