Saturday, September 12, 2009

Countries with Most Beautiful People

Interesting article on MSN posted yesterday.

List of countries with best-looking locals: 

1. Australia - the home of many handsome men and women
2. India - famous with the bright-eyed children to the intense stares of the elderly
3. Argentina - alluring due to the people's talents in seductive tango, among other alluring things
4. Brazil - an ethnically diverse nation that values all skin colors
5. Ukraine -  famous of its beautiful individuality
6. Somalia - the home of people with bright smiles and striking features
7. Japan -  famous with you know what! Some of them are just deadly cute.
8. Iceland -  famous with the healthy appearance of the locals, thanks to its healing geothermal sites...?
9. Thailand - famous with the locals' respects to elderly, hospitality and generosity
10. Spain - the home of the handsome conquistadors and gorgeous women i.e. Antonio Banderas and Penelope Cruz
11. Venezuela - big draws for their gorgeous locals plus they've won most of combined Miss Universe and Miss World titles
12. Sweden - Scandinavians are thought to be especially good looking, especially those of Sweden

Beautiful face is one thing here, but showcasing smiling faces makes a big different thing on the judgment indeed. What an additional attraction that worth traveling to see.

So smile more and show some kindness, that's how you win people's hearts!

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