Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday Dinner at Spruce

More birthday celebration from my dear friend HS.

Last night, the birthday surprise from HS were a movie treat, Coco before Chanel at Lido, followed by fancy dinner at Spruce which is located around Tanglin area, Orchard. We made the reservation at 7 but only managed to show up at 8 plus. The restaurant has a very nice ambiance and apparently quite famous for their sweet delicacies. From the menu book, they say they have special partnership with Cameron Highland in Malaysia to supply the fresh raw ingredients to their kitchen to maintain the quality. Good stuff, huh! But, you really need a car to get the restaurant.

Here's what we had at Spruce last night:

Drinks - Fresh Lemonade with Mint (super sour!)

Passion Fruit Juice

Appetizer - Sweet Onions with Crepe and Truffle

Pasta - Orecchiette with Shrimps and Zucchini

Main Course - Rotisserie Chicken with Basil and Cheese

Dessert - Red Date Pudding with Caramel Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream (Superb!)

Once again, I'd like to express my greatest gratitude for HS for the fabulous birthday dinner and movie treat! Sorry for choosing the wrong menu, girl! I should have let you to choose them all. You know better than me, as always!
I had this problem in blindly choosing the food last night simply because I didn't really understand what were written in the menu book. That's the problem when you are not really an avid food explorer. You become simply clueless reading some 'beautiful' Italian or French names of the food in the menu books in some restaurants. From last night dining experience, I learned (from Wikipedia) about new types of pasta and grilled meat served to our table:
1.Orecchiette is a type of pasta whose shape resembles a small ear.

Uncooked Orecchiette.

2. Rotisserie is  a style of roasting when the meat is skewered on a spit. Until last night, I thought Rotisserie was a type of bread. Turned out it was just a roasting style for the chicken as I didn't find any bread accompanying the dish last night.

  Rotisserie Chickens.

3. Zucchini is a small of summer squash with similar shape like cucumber. All along I thought Zucchini would look like an Asparagus or something. Now you know I should hang out around the Veggie area in the supermarket and read more labels there. Plus, we actually need to crush Zucchini and mix it with the pasta sauce to produce the green pasta dish, instead of slicing and serving it separately with the pasta.


You don't try, you don't see, you don't google, you don't know!

*Some photos are randomly taken from the internet source.

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