Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday's Surprise Birthday Lunch

After long absence of blogging, I must say these past few weeks I have started to miss writing (my blog) again. I could remember how much fun I had when I updated my blog which I started few months ago. In fact, I was so in love with arranging words in my blog. Often, I spent hours and slept late writing and perfecting my posts in my blog. Recently, some people have asked me why I stopped updating my blog. I told them I simply don't know what to write. I just had no inspiration and was often lazy. Bad, bad, bad.

Anyway, today after meeting two established writer friends from IPA, I've decided to 'write' again. They have indeed suggested me to make a come back and proposed some 'topics' to start with. And I was tempted to start typing again. So, Irena and Mega, if you happen to read this one, this very post is dedicated to both of you.

I joined the IPA's PRP team in November last year. I was recruited by Irena, the VP of PRP, to assist her in doing IPA's marketing collaterals. In this team, I was mentored by two great Indonesian writers (Irena and Mega) who have been dwelling in media and journalism industries for quite some time. In terms of writing, I personally have really learned a lot from them. I felt so lucky to have met them!

Last week, Irena suggested for a PRP girls outing. Even though we live in a very small country, it is just so hard to make time to meet up. Undeniably, work schedule is a good excuse here. So we finally set the date. PRP girls lunch meeting on Sunday, 30th August 2009. Meet up at City Hall MRT at 1.30pm. Destination: MOF at Marina Square Shopping Mall, City Hall.

Today was indeed a rainy Sunday in Singapore. It has been pouring hard since morning. Three of us had great Japanese food and desserts (should have taken the photos of the glorious food today) plus long catch up talk (and future plans discussion). Today's catch up meeting could be considered as our second PRP girls meeting in almost one year although we live within proximity. Now, can you imagine how difficult it is for us to just meet up and hang out on weekends?

Few hours went by without we really realizing it and then it came the time when the bill arrived. When I about to ask how much we should pay per person, Mega suddenly said I didn't have to share the bill. Oops... Apparently the lunch was an early birthday celebration for me from both of them. Earlier this week, I asked Mega if she had plans this weekend. She said she had birthday celebrations for her friends on this Saturday and Sunday. Never crossed my mind, the Sunday one was for me. So sweet......!

First time in my life to have people celebrated my birthday in advance. And they were the super early birds! So, let me convey my big big thanks for Irena and Mega!!! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and friendship! I hope we can still meet up often even though IPA meetings won't make us see each other as often as before. I really had superb time working with you all and will certainly miss our teamwork and your guidance. *sad* *sad*

In the end, I am sooo going to be 25 years old, people!

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  1. Thank you for your post dedication and kind words, Chris! Make me *blushed* and touched too... Huaaaaaaaa.....

    We actually wanted to have the celebration closer to your birthday (this weekend, perhaps). But somebody's going away on an exciting trip lah... So gotta have it earlier!

    The three of us can be considered new friends - we've known each other for only 1 year! But it's really cool, and a blessing indeed that we actually click!

    IPA PRP gals may go on our separate ways after our term ends, but our friendship will go on, I hope!

    (I see you almost everyday at work anyway! hehehe...)

    Happy 25th birthday in advance once again, gal! Enjoy your more-to-come a-quarter-century birthday celebrations!! =D


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