Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Brand New Life for My Plants

Seems like I have to experience all this bad things with my plants. I've experienced them died due to MSG overload and now this, lack of water for a period of time.

This is how my minuscule garden now looks like after trying to heal the sick ones for a week. Not much improvement but much better than last week. At least my balsam could stand up straight without me having to tie them up with a ribbon.

My balsams look so gaunt now. What a scary plant to have at this point of time. They all still look so frail. Just now I pulled one dead balsam plant out of the pot as I saw its stem was already rotten.

Unhealthy Balsams.

Balsams with the right ones already infected by Powdery Mildew (I suspect).

Lucky that my Pachira from IKEA is still okay.

Pachira aquatica or Money Tree.

Although I could not save both Cupheas from death. The purple Cuphea looked so dried out for a week. I had watered it everyday since I found it pretty dead last week but to date no result. The other White Cuphea looked fine but its white flowers were all gone and the plant did not look healthy.

I saw a lot of white dots covering its leaves this afternoon. I suspected they were some plant diseases which turned out to be a common plant disease called powdery mildew, a fungal attack on the plant leaves and stems. I have a feeling that some of my balsams are suffering from this disease too as I already have been spotting white spots on some of their leaves. I guess it's time to sacrifice some more and find herbicides to deal with this bloody powdery mildew.

Cupheas before thrown away.

Since both cupheas looked hopeless, I decided to pull both of them out from the pot and threw them away and change them with new seeds. I didn't want the white Cuphea infect the other plants so I threw away the plant too.

Rotten and diseased cupheas ready to go.

Anyway, I think it's time to move on again. I decided to find new seeds and this time I chose Tomato Cherry Sweet. I've bought the pack last week but just started to spread few seeds a couple days ago and spread some more today to replace my Cupheas.

Tomato Cherry Sweet seeds.

Tomato seedlings have shown life after being planted a couple days ago.

Tomato seeds freshly spread on the new soil.

See how fatal the results of ignorance can be. It ruins the whole thing. Argh. Now I have to start all over again, for the second time. God, where did all my beautiful plants go? I really need patience now.

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