Saturday, May 16, 2009

All About Baby Obama

I have a new niece and am an aunt now. This Aunt title makes me sound so old. I hate it. People back home has filled me in on her very well. I knew when she was born, why she is with us now, what time she comes to my house and what she does there. My sister regularly sent me photos and stories of her so I knew her developments. My Mom and Dad occasionally updated me that she was now at our house, sleeping or just playing with my Mom.

I knew all about her, very well. I felt like knowing her like I know the palm of my hand. I was just obsessed with her and could not wait to see her.

But the truth is, she did not know about me. Not a single thing. She did not recognize me. She cried first time I held her.

Jennifer - The Latest Celebrity in the House
10 May 2009

Yes, yes. Jennifer a.k.a Baby Obama did not know me until 2 weeks ago. I was hooked when I saw her photos and was really really hooked again when I first saw her at my house. It was Friday, 1st of May at about 6am when she was brought to my house. With my blurred eyes that morning (as I didn't wear my contact lenses nor glasses yet) I saw this chubby baby girl for the first time. Cute, healthy, a little bit dark-skinned and chubby as expected. But she started crying when she saw me. It took me few days to learn how to hold baby, make her recognize me and find out about her daily baby activities.

Jen and her to-die-for smile.

Jen and me.

Jen and her pacifier.

 Drinking milk.
 Jen is ready to sleep again.

Jen is up.

Jen is blabbing again with my Mom.

Few fun facts about Baby Obama:
  • She was born on the 5th of January, 2009 and her Chinese zodiac is Rat (just like me!)
  • She has Chinese name too - Wu Xiaowei, but we prefer to call her Obama instead
  • She sleeps literally every 30 minutes -1 hour after she is fed
  • She needs pacifiers in her mouth to make her sleep faster
  • She drinks 120-140 ml of Morinaga BMT milk every 3 hours
  • She eats banana at 10am
  • She bathes at 7 am and 4pm
  • She sleeps again at 6 pm to midnight
  • She drinks milk at wee hours before she gets back to sleep until dawn as her stomach alarm rings once again in midnight
  • She wakes up at 5am
  • She can't stand to get out of her house once she is up in the morning and visits my house at about 6am, then again at 8am onwards
  • She always smiles and starts babbling each time she wakes up but cries terribly loud when she finds no body in the room each time she opens her eyes
  • She is very clingy to my Mom
  • She loves playing water when she is bathed and moves a lot after it, looking forward to get out of her house and sees the crowded street outside
  • She can be a one very quiet baby when she is exposed to the crowded street in front of my house enjoying the scenery of people and cars moving around
  • She giggles and smiles a lot when the TV is turned on
  • She screams a lot and talks rubbish for quite some time on her own before she cries and asked to be cradled to sleep
  • She is not too afraid of new people
  • She can be a very good baby photo model
  • She smells damn good
I heard that babies look different each day. Their faces just change on daily basis. Apparently it holds true. I think Baby Obama looked slightly different each day. Lastly, the most irresistible thing about Baby Obama is to witness her babbling time. Her baby language is just hilarious.

Other thing I learn from looking at my cousin growing baby is that having babies is that babies can be so expensive. Baby milk, diapers, doctors appointments, clothes and other little things can be quite a monthly expenditure. Not to mention the strict long dedication time to constantly watch over them. Days just flies faster when you are with them. I wonder how some financially and emotionally 'unprepared' parents out there can endure this process for quite some time. Parenting - what a job!

I always love kids and babies. I love playing and teasing them. Initially I always had a thought that baby boys are way cuter and more fun than baby girls. They are more enjoyable to play with and just cute as they don't wear overload accessories like baby girls. But all these weird thoughts and judgments are all wrong. I could fall hard for baby girls too.

In fact, my new other baby nephew is so not fun to play with at all. He cries a lot so we call him 'hell boy' as his face turns fire red each time he sees new person and starts screaming and crying unstoppably like crazy. He is just not even close to Jen's cuteness. I don't even want to be near that baby. I think this is what happens if you keep your baby indoor for too long and don't expose him to civilization. All he knows was basically Mom's, Dad's and the maid's faces. Faces other than these appear to be monsters to him. How unhealthy.

Anyway, back to our Obama, as she is quite a chubby 4-months-old baby, last news I heard about her is that she is on diet now. Yes, yes, apparently some babies should be on diet too. When she had her vaccination shot last week, the doctor told her Mom that she is overweight by 1 kg. If this continues, she would be too heavy to move around lightly by herself. So, now her favorite banana and Cerelac (Nestle's baby cereal) are temporarily out of her daily diet intakes. She is back to liquid diet.

Few minutes ago I asked my Dad if her dieting efforts have shown result. He said "Still fat". Couldn't help laughing. Poor Obama.

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