Saturday, April 4, 2009

Movie Review: Shinjuku Incident

I must admit I am often mesmerized by many leading male actors when I catch movies. But tonight I was totally drooling when I watched Shinjuku Incident. The two actors, especially the Jap actor who played Eguchi in the flick, really pleased my eyes.

The left guy pictured above, actor Daniel Wu, looks much much better in real life and the guy in the right side, Masaya Kato who portrayed Eguchi-San, the Japanese Yakuza Leader in the flick, definitely hooked the girls and blew our minds away to the seventh heaven.

Mr. Kato is really a stunner despite his somewhat older age. His charisma, blessed look and acting during the movie really awed me to the max... I was just drooling... drooling... and drooling watching him in the movie... In this case, old (er) age, believe me, is a good and pleasant thing to have.

I found this movie's story line is very good and once again, the cast who plays Eguchi-San is indeed a real dapper and damn good-looking. This movie only shows a fair bit of action, contains quite a lot of violence and is kind of loaded with drama, but otherwise good.

The message that conveyed in this movie reminds me of human nature in general. Whether you are Chinese, Japanese, African, American, Latino or belong to whatever possible other nationalities in the world; are all subject to humane flaws. People may have different races, cultures and upbringings but they are just flesh and blood. They make the same mistakes and fall for pretty much to the same holes.

Based on my observation, the biggest worldly temptations that every man (or woman) finds it hard to resist especially when he or she has tasted the triumph of high achievement and is not financially limited are:
  1. Women (or Men)
  2. Power
  3. Fame
  4. Alcohol
  5. Drugs
Once one possesses one or more of the afore points, he or she is no longer a worthy cause. And this flick reaffirmed my thoughts.

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