Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lunch Time Disturbance

Everyday, I always long for the clock's both hour and minute hands to move to the number 12 that marks the official commencement of lunch time.
As much as I love my one hour lunch time and want to enjoy every second of it with good food and relaxing chat with my lunch buddies, I often get annoyed by:

One - rude food sellers who can't stop yelling at you in Mandarin or taking your orders in super high volume as if you are a deaf person.

Two - people waiting for your seat to be emptied immediately once they see you are about to finish your last bites.

Three - thick skinned ladies who dare to ask you to leave your table after you finish eating.

Nevertheless, all the moral issues above could not compete with some women who exploit the disabled people to do physical work with her. I feel that the most heartbreaking thing during lunch hour in Singapore is to witness women using a blind old man with cane to help her sell more tissues in hawker centers. I feel so sick each time I get to see this pitiful scene. The worst part is to experience the feeling of being so helpless and futile in response to this situation as I am actually unable to do something to help him but purchasing the $1 for 3 packs of tissues from her!

I hope one day, all the things on this big blue marble will be in better order.

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