Sunday, April 19, 2009

Movie Review: K-20

When I visited Seremban last week, I was invited to watch movie called K20 for free, thanks to my host again!

It was an after midnight show in the local cinema. As I am a no owl at all, by the time I entered the chilly cinema past 12 am, I was dozing off already. I watched the 2-hour-plus movie with my eyes half opened, my brain half worked and my body chilling from the freezing Aircon.

All I could remember about the movie was the 1940 war setting in Japan, acrobats, Kaneshiro Takeshi, poor kids and men in black mask and costumes. My personal rating for this movie here would be a little unjustifiable as I was semi-conscious during that time (I couldn't take the sleepiness) but I think this movie's genre is not my cup of tea. I'd rather see Takeshi acting in different type of flicks.

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