Saturday, April 18, 2009

Additions from IKEA

My balsams are growing pretty well and healthy. I've found the plants have produced their cute little red and purple flowers on daily basis. I'm happy.

Surprise, Surprise! Unexpected purple dots!

Last night I went to IKEA Tampines with the girls. I had no intention of to buy anything from IKEA, so I barely bought things from there after circling the enormous store for a couple hours. Thanks to their brilliant shop arrangements, they put all the plants and gardening tools almost in the last section before the cashiers.

Less said, I could not resist buying the cute green indoor plants, gardening water spray gun (S$1.80/pc) and three Mandel saucers made in Germany for my new pots (S$ 1.50/pc). What a deal! I was ecstatic to grow my green therapy kits at home.

Pachira Aquatica or the Money Tree - S$ 9.90/pc.

Cuphea hyssopifolia - Brazilian White - S$ 1.90/pc.

Cuphea hyssopifolia or False or Mexican Heather - S$ 1.90/pc.

Balsams, Pachira and Cupheas.

This morning I decided to split my balsam plants to the other pot. I don't know whether the second pot is cursed or what, but each time I put plants or seeds into it either the plants can't grow healthily or nothing happened. Forever soil. I am tired of waiting, so I put 3 balsam plants in that pot. I hope these three won't die.

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