Sunday, March 29, 2009

St. Paul and A Dead Man

I managed to get up earlier this Sunday. I had not much plan today but did not intend to stay at home the whole day either, so I decided to go to church. I've tried to rush my morning rituals before leaving the house but still, as usual, I came late to church for about 30 minutes. Service starts at 10. I left the house at 9.50. By 10 o'clock I was still waiting for the train in the station. So, there I was - arrived at Carlton Hotel by 10.30.

When I arrived, I was not allowed to come in to the room for a while as they were praying. I came in exactly when it was the time for the sermon. I think all the people there know my 'rubber time' habit already and never comment again on my weekly lateness.

During the sermon, I was so sleepy and bored. I kept checking my hand phone but there was no message for me and I don't play cell phone games either. Bored. I was pretty awake only when the preacher delivered some jokes and her life experiences. The rest of the time, I was gone. Out of earth.

I managed to catch the preacher's message on Mother Theresa and her student who was possessed on one Monday. But I like her last humor and its message best, shared before she closed her sermon.

St. Paul in Heaven

Once upon a time, a good person died and St. Paul greeted him in the gate of the Heaven. He was a good person and by right, should be able to enter the Heaven. However, he met St. Paul and St. Paul told him that in order to enter the Heaven, he should gain 100 points from the questions asked.

St. Paul: Tell me some good things you did when you were alive that make you eligible to enter the Heaven.
Man: I always went to church every Sunday.
St. Paul: Hmm, good. I give you 2 points for that.
Man: Only 2?
St. Paul: Yes. Anything else?
Man: I always gave 10% of my monthly earnings to church.
St. Paul: Alright. I give you another 2 points for that.
Man: I also opened a Soup Kitchen for the needy.
St. Paul: Very good. I give you 1 point for that.
Man: That's it? Just one? Alright. I lived with only one woman for 50 years. Never cheated on her, even at my heart.
St. Paul: Fantastic. I give you 3 points for that.

The man cried.

Man: Oh Lord. This way, I can only enter the Heaven by the grace of God.
St. Paul: Come on in.

The message was that people should stop thinking about themselves. At the end of the day, it's not 'About Me' that counts but it is all about accepting the fact that 'This is Me'.

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